Note: For the best results, use Google Chrome when hosting your sessions.

When you first open the Clubba Video App, it will prompt for access to your camera and microphone. After you allow permissions, you'll be prompted to join the club. Please note, that counselors are automatically recorded when they are "in" the club. A Clubba team member will view the session for security purposes and for evaluating your bonus. You can not turn this feature off.

General Layout

Along the left side of the screen, you'll see all the participants in the session. To the right, you'll see the spotlighted participant (whoever is speaking or presenting at the time.) If you move your mouse around the screen, you'll see the main menu bar appear near the bottom, with actions you can take in the club.

Muting your audio

If you need to momentarily mute your microphone, click the Mute icon in the menu bar. You can turn your microphone back on by clicking the same icon.

Hiding your video

If you need to momentarily hide your video, click the Turn off Video icon in the menu bar. You can turn it back on by clicking the same icon.


To screenshare, click the screen icon in the main menu. You'll be prompted by your browser to allow Clubba to screen share, and then your screen will be visible. At this time, screensharing does not support sharing audio.

Toggling Fullscreen

To enter fullscreen, click on the Fullscreen icon in the menu bar or press the f key. You can close fullscreen by clicking the same icon, or pushing the escape key.

Removing people from a session

To forcibly remove someone from a session, click the end call icon in the top left corner of their participant window. You will be asked to confirm if you would like to kick them out of the club. They will still have the ability to rejoin the session later.

Ending/Leaving a session

To leave a session, click the red Leave Club icon in the main menu bar. You'll be asked if you'd like to leave the club (the club will continue for everyone else), or end the club (the session will end immediately for everyone).

Changing your camera/microphone source

Clubba will attempt to choose the most logical camera and microphone source for your setup. If you need to change this, click on the settings icon in the menu bar. From there you will be able to switch camera/microphone sources. If you are on a device which has a forward and front facing camera, Clubba conveniently adds a flip camera button to the main menu bar.

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