Your curriculum is

Making your curriculum

  • Open this template and make a copy in Google Sheets.

  • Make a curriculum for every session in the club.

  • Share the full curriculum with

Tips for your curriculum

  • There should be no parent involvement in your sessions.

  • Do not include any content related to COVID-19, violence, controversial topics, etc.

  • Include a supply list for every session and use as much detail as possible in describing what is needed.

  • Keep attachments that need to be printed at a 2 page maximum.

  • Make each activity new and fun.

  • Set a fun name for each session.

  • Make sure you have wiggle room and social activities for each day.

  • The last session should be a club party (a final project they’ll be able to show in a fun way.) Mention what the students will do for in club party. For example, a TikTok or dance series might have a dance party. Or a fun science experiment for Dexter’s Lab. Make the party fun and relevant to your club theme as it will serve as a fun final day for the kids. It will also encourage them to come back and take a level 2 camp with you!

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