All sessions are hosted in the Clubba video app. You must host the session from a computer and not a phone or tablet.

  • We promise the parents a full session. So if you end a session early or start late, you will not be paid.

  • Avoid technical difficulties by hosting from a quiet environment with a strong internet connection.

  • Your video must be on for the entirety of the session. If you host a session without your video, you will not be paid for the session.

  • Structure and a strong sense of control is important when managing this age group.

You should join a session 15 minutes before the start time. Only counselors are allowed to join before the session start time. When it's time for the session to start, students will automatically be added into the session.

  • Head over to My Clubs to see all of the sessions you're scheduled to lead.

  • Open the session.

  • Click the Join Session button.

Help! I don't see the right session

If you don't see your session in My Clubs, contact us immediately using the chat in the bottom right corner.

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