We encourage you to start marketing yourself (Facebook groups, Nextdoor, community groups, etc.) to help fill up your club.

In addition to getting paid for leading a club, we have a referral program for any parent you refer to Clubba (can be any club.) Parents get 25% off when they use your referral code, and you’ll get $30 for each parent you refer. Payouts process on Sundays through Stripe.

How to find you referral code

  • Head over to My Clubs.

  • Under Free Clubs, you'll see your referral code.

What should I say?

Whatever you'd like! Here's an example post if you're stuck:

  • Hey everyone! I’m teaching a virtual after-school {Club Series Name} club through Clubba for kids ages {Age Range}. I’ll be teaching every {Club Meet Days}. If you sign up with my promo code {Your Code} you get 25% off! There are a variety of camps and I’m so excited to be a counselor for the kids! My camp is interactive, fun, and unique with a learning component! I’m a {Major} major at {University} and I have extensive experience teaching kids. https://getclubba.com

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