Our Club Counselors

What type of training and vetting do club counselors have?

Our club counselors are vetted through a thorough application process. All counselors undergo an identity check, live interview, and complete training sessions. All counselors are college students or recent grads with experience in babysitting, club counseling, or camp counseling.

How do I know what is being taught is safe?

All club curriculums are reviewed by a clubba team member. During each club session, counselors are recorded and these recordings are reviewed by a clubba team member to ensure quality.

Video technology and security

Is my child recorded?

No, your child is not recorded. Clubba only records the club counselor in each session.

Will anyone besides the kids and club counselors be able to join the video session?

No. Each video session is secured by Twilio and is only accessible by the kids and the counselors registered for each session.

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